I’m Manon and I’m a copywriter raised in Belgium, based in Denmark.

You only need what adds value. 

We’re talking about everything here: stuff in your home, apps on your phone, clothes in your closet but also relationships in your life.

Or words in a text.

Everything that doesn’t add any value in one way or another, is only causing distraction.

I’m a minimalist, which is reflected in my vision on what distinguishes a good from a bad text.





You can learn how to write good texts. Writing strong texts is a little harder, because they are…


The human brain gets bored easily. Variety in word choice, sentences and structure keeps the reader hooked until the end.

To do this you need a rich vocabulary, a flair for language and a creative mind.




Why is it that you never manage to finish reading that book even though you’re an avid reader and the story sounded so appealing?

Chances are that it just wasn’t written fluently and that’s why you’re getting tired of it.



Surprising your reader doesn’t mean losing track.

How can you expect the reader not to lose interest when you’re not staying on the case?

Quick thinkers with a sharp mind are more entertaining to listen to. Even in writing.


Luckily, writing is my favourite thing to do

My favourite subjects are personal development, mindfulness, lifestyle, philosophy, fashion and psychology.

I’m working on a wellness platform about mindful and simple living. There will be a full wellness blog and you’ll be able to take courses later on!

As an entrepreneur I’m writing about things related to entrepreneurship, and as a HSP (highly sensitive person) I like to write personal texts helping others through my personal experiences and insights. Besides that I decided to write more fiction as well.

That’s why you’ll read business tips, personal posts and texts about self development as well as stories on my blog.

I love writing, editing and translating with all my heart, so you can hire me for all of these things.

My background


  • Master of Arts in Philosophy – Minor in Literature (Ghent University)
  • Editorial internship (Marie Claire Belgium)


  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals (2020, Coursera)
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (2020, Coursera)
  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (in progress, Google Digital Garage)


  • Copywriting & communication
  • Content marketing
  • Translation (EN/FR > Dutch, Dutch > EN)

You can hire me for

Anything else you’d like to know about me?

Ask me all your questions in my contact form! I reply within 2 business days.

Did you know that I write in Dutch as well?

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