Hi! I’m Manon and I help you write copy that doesn’t suck

Let’s be honest

You could spend all the money you have on a shiny logo, a professional photographer and a web designer building your website…Β 

If your copy sucks, your reader will click away as fast as a bee realizing the flower’s made of plastic. It looked great from a distance but there’s nothing to snack.

We all know what it fees like to read a text that fails to captivate: we get bored and feel like we’re wasting our time. Needless to say it doesn’t take long before we give up. Thank you, next.Β πŸ‘‹

The last thing you want to do is make your reader feel that way.

Alright, alright… If only there would be a way, maybe even a person who could make sure people would never wonder ‘hmm, is this legit?’ because there’s typos on your website. Someone with a sharp eye and knack for writing.

Oh wait…

That person exists πŸ˜‰ And the good news is… you happened to land on her website!

I’m here to tell you some great news:


Because I was that kid voluntarily joining spelling competitions. I’m the person that gets asked ‘what’s another word for…’ all the time. Who gets touched by words, has thoughts shaped like lines on paper, and cringes every time she comes across a poorly written sentence.

And I’m more than happy to help you write copy that does exactly what you want it to do, so you can say goodbye to disappointed bees flying away from your website.


What I can do for you:


English/French > Dutch | Dutch > English

SEO copywriter, translator and no bullshit writer

I’m Manon and I help entrepreneurs increase their online visibilityΒ by writing refreshing copy for their website and blog.

Hate writing?Β There’s nothing I love more. Web copy or long copy like blog posts or eBooks, you know where to find me (here!)

Love writing but unsure about the result when you jot everything down?Β I proofread your text, correct it and take it to whatever level you want. (Read more about the different doses of magic I can use on your words here.)

Want to have your texts in Dutch? I write in Dutch/Flemish (check out the website in Dutch) and offer creative translations which you can find here. ’cause we all know that Google Translate gets a little… how shall I say this, too creative sometimes.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to write, who simply don’t feel like it, or would like a little help.

Besides that I also help anyone who needs a professional to proofread and correct their texts, and I offer three levels of editing at different rates. Find out more here.

My style in three words: witty, precise and clear. I don’t like predictability, spelling mistakes and excessive words. What I do love you can discoverΒ here.

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