Manon’s Online Makeover

Your website is only as good as your copy.

What is Manon’s Online Makeover?

Not a brand voice yet? I can help you with that. Based on the information you’ll give me, I’ll write a homepage, sales page and ‘About’ page for your website. If your products or services lack names and descriptions, I’ll take care of that as well. All texts are SEO-friendly and you’ll have the chance to give me feedback which I’ll incorporate in the final result.

Results of the Makeover


Your homepage provides a beautiful window into your business


Your sales page contains everything a potential client wants to read


Your 'About' page is an added value rather than just a mandatory webpage


You don't have to waste your time on writing texts any longer


You generate traffic to your website thanks to SEO-friendly copy

“Is Manon’s Online Makeover for me?”

This is for you if...

…you don’t like writing but you want a great website.

This is for you if...

…you’re not completely sure what to put on your website.

This is for you if...

…you enjoy writing but just don’t have the time, so you’d rather outsource it. 

This is NOT for you if...

…you want to write your own web copy. Do you need someone to proofread your texts? I do this as well!

This is NOT for you if...

…you don’t have a website. Need help building a website? I used to build websites for clients so you can always send me a message.

How does the Makeover work?


1. You get in touch

  • You send me a message through my contact form.
  • You can expect a reply within 2 business days. If you want to, we plan a call.
  • We’ll discuss what you need on a phone call or via email.
  • After our talk you’ll get a quote from me.
  • You accept the quote through an email and pay 50% of the price which is non-refundable. 
  • I request the necessary information to start.

2. I do my thing

  • You send me everything I requested (product data, information on services, promotions, etc.)
  • I write the copy.

3. You deliver feedback

  • You deliver feedback within 2 weeks.
  • I adjust as needed.

4. Your web copy is ready!

  • You pay the remaining 50%.
  • You receive the texts.
  • You can copy the text and post them on your website or let me do it for you. 

Are you ready for your Online Makeover?

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